Mail On Sunday (5th January, 2014)

£7.3 MILLION... the cost of killing badgers in 'disastrous' cull (with taxpayers picking up £5.8 million of the bill)

The contentious badger cull has cost an astonishing £4,100 for each animal killed - almost double previous estimates - campaigners claimed last night.

New calculations suggest the amount spent on killing 1,771 badgers since the cull began in August was £7.3 million, with taxpayers picking up a £5.8 million share of the bill...

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Mail On Sunday (21 June 2014)

Is this the most evil mother in Britain? How surrogate 'She-devil' who faked pregnancy to con childless couple cruelly manipulated them... via text messages

For twelve years, Josephine and Keith Barnett tried desperately for the precious baby that would make their marriage complete.

So began the Barnetts’ year-long relationship with Louise Pollard – duplicitous, cunning, manipulative and now Britain’s most notorious surrogate baby fraudster.

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Mail On Sunday (11th May, 2014)

Ramblers’ fury after millionaire farmer bisects meadow with bizarre 300ft 'corridor' fence... to keep dogs out: Showdown at Somerset’s Iron Curtain

The Berlin Wall came down almost 25 years ago. But in one leafy corner of Middle England, the Iron Curtain lives on. A 300ft-long fence, thrown up by millionaire farmer Alan Brunt to keep dog-walkers off his land, has led to a bitter showdown with locals who treasured their strolls across the wild meadow.

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Mail On Sunday (13th April, 2014)

TV comedian accused of grooming teenager who killed himself uses top libel lawyer to explain himself to boy's family

A gay celebrity who is alleged to have groomed a teenager before he killed himself has contacted the youth’s grieving family to 'explain' their relationship.

But last night the parents of Ben Cowburn spoke of their dismay at the TV comedian’s use of high-profile libel lawyers Carter-Ruck to make the approach.

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Western Morning News (21st April 2014)

Me and my Wilfred – treasured memories of Devon's War Horse widow, the last living link to Great War

She is the last living link to the First World War.

Dorothy Ellis was married to veteran Wilfred for 40 years before his death in 1981 – a loss she still feels keenly. And it was to her that he confided his grim experiences in the trenches where he was shot and gassed.

Initially reluctant to burden her with the horrors of war, Dorothy says she had to prise details from Wilfred...

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