Mail On Sunday (December 13th, 2015)

Wife suspected of killing her husband and keeping his body for 18 years 'joked that she'd buried a body in her garden during barbecue at her home'

A woman suspected of murdering her husband and hiding his body for 18 years allegedly joked she had buried a body in the garden during a barbecue.

Leigh Ann Sabine, who died of cancer six weeks ago, is the prime suspect in the murder of her husband John after police discovered his skeleton in the garden of their home.

A neighbour has now alleged the 74-year-old joked 'I've buried a body here' during an event in the flat's community garden.

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Mail On Sunday (December 6th, 2015)

'Don't let homophobic idiot Tyson Fury be BBC Sports Personality of Year': Wife of presenter Clare Balding blasts boxing champion's inclusion on shortlist after he likened homosexuality to paedophilia

The wife of BBC Sports Personality of the Year presenter Clare Balding has condemned boxer Tyson Fury’s inclusion on the shortlist for the award, branding him a ‘homophobic idiot’. The stinging attack by Alice Arnold - who married Balding earlier this year ...

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Mail On Sunday (October 25, 2015)

Sidelined BBC2 chief is paid £235,000 to work from her £1.8m Georgian home on 'special projects' in role as 'Controller of Seasons'

The BBC is paying one of its senior executives an astonishing £235,000 a year to work from home on ‘special projects’.

Janice Hadlow, the Corporation’s ‘Controller of Seasons and Special Projects’, receives the huge salary despite being based largely at her home in Bath rather than her office in London.

Ms Hadlow, 57, was previously the Controller of BBC2 but stepped down at the beginning of last year.

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Mail On Sunday (October 24, 2015)

Officials' secret acts: MoD to quiz three top married officers over 'kinky sex' sessions with female civil servant

The Ministry of Defence has launched an investigation into allegations that at least three married senior British military officers have been involved in kinky sex sessions with a female civil servant.

The woman at the centre of the investigation, Laura Dixon, is also alleged to have had an affair with a senior US officer...

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Daily Mail (September 18, 2015)

Eyewitness to Hell: It was the night 16,000 Nazi bombs turned Coventry into the 'city of the dead'. Now a new book relives the terror - and reveals how one survivor was haunted by the chance he'd missed to kill Hitler.

On Armistice Day in 1940, British interrogators made a chilling discovery. As the Blitz raged over London, a captured German pilot was overheard revealing to his room-mate that a colossal air raid, perhaps the biggest yet, had been planned to coincide with the next full moon...

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