Mail On Sunday (30th August, 2014)

Schools warned of solar panel fire risk: Fears over free green scheme after three mystery blazes

British Gas has launched an investigation into solar panels at dozens of schools and businesses after a series of mystery fires.

Some 92 schools that signed up for free panels have been told their equipment will need improvements before it is considered safe to use.

It comes after solar panel fires in three schools were confirmed by British Gas following a tip-off to The Mail on Sunday.

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Mail On Sunday (30 August 2014)

Mother's fury as Disney tries to charge an extra £30,000 for a room FRIDGE for her son's life-saving drugs after saying it was 'against hotel policy' to bring her own

A mother booking her desperately ill son on a dream Disney trip was told it would cost £30,000 to provide a fridge for his medicines.

Justine Sharples, whose three-year-old son Matthew needs 24-hour care, was given an initial price of £4,563 by Disneyland Paris for her family’s four-day holiday. But when she asked for a room fridge – vital for helping to keep Matthew alive – the price rocketed to £34,026.

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Mail On Sunday (30 August, 2014)

Family launch £300k lawsuit against bicycle shop after father watched helplessly as son hurtled to his death when the brakes failed... on bike repaired hours earlier.

It was a tragedy that is every parent’s nightmare. As Thomas Harding looked on in helpless horror, his 14-year-old son’s bicycle careered out of control and into the path of a van, killing him instantly.

Witnesses described how the boy, Kadian, pumped desperately at his brakes as he hurtled down a steep hill toward the busy road, but to no avail...

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Mail On Sunday (21 June 2014)

Is this the most evil mother in Britain? How surrogate 'She-devil' who faked pregnancy to con childless couple cruelly manipulated them... via text messages

For twelve years, Josephine and Keith Barnett tried desperately for the precious baby that would make their marriage complete.

So began the Barnetts’ year-long relationship with Louise Pollard – duplicitous, cunning, manipulative and now Britain’s most notorious surrogate baby fraudster.

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Mail On Sunday (11th May, 2014)

Ramblers’ fury after millionaire farmer bisects meadow with bizarre 300ft 'corridor' fence... to keep dogs out: Showdown at Somerset’s Iron Curtain

The Berlin Wall came down almost 25 years ago. But in one leafy corner of Middle England, the Iron Curtain lives on. A 300ft-long fence, thrown up by millionaire farmer Alan Brunt to keep dog-walkers off his land, has led to a bitter showdown with locals who treasured their strolls across the wild meadow.

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