Mail On Sunday (16th November, 2014)

Hypocrisy with a capital HRH! That's what the locals think of Prince Charles' new rural development

When Prince Charles wrote passionately of protecting ‘beautiful landscapes with hedgerows’ and the ‘folly’ of losing farmland, he captured the public mood.

However, his cover article for the latest edition of Country Life, has enraged farmers and nature lovers at the very heart of his Duchy of Cornwall estate.

The reason? Just compare the two photographs alongside.

One shows the Duchy’s Tregurra Valley last year when it was peaceful, rolling farmland, lined with ancient hedgebanks and sown with maize to feed a 200-strong dairy herd.

The other shows it today as a development consortium – which includes the Duchy – builds a Waitrose supermarket, housing estate, car park and recycling centre.

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Mail On Sunday (12th October, 2014)

Thousands still waiting for ‘fast’ flood payouts: Families whose homes were damaged nine months ago have yet to receive money

Thousands of families whose homes were damaged in the storms that battered Britain in January have yet to receive insurance payouts, with many still in temporary accommodation.

In February, Prime Minister David Cameron put insurers on notice that they needed to ‘pay up the money fast’. Yet 7,480 households – 40 per cent of those who made claims – are still waiting for compensation,

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Mail On Sunday (25th October, 2014)

The night Jo Brand ‘wiggled’ through a Scottie’s dog steal her cheating boyfriend’s pants

Even her greatest fans would acknowledge that Jo Brand is less than svelte – and the comedienne has long ridiculed her own physique and appetite for food in such books as her autobiography Look Back In Hunger and the TV series Jo Brand Through The Cakehole.

So the notion of the star who once dubbed herself ‘the Sea Monster’ managing to squeeze her way through a dog flap sounds a rather fanciful tale.

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Mail On Sunday (7th September, 2014)

Kew Gardens drugs storm over 'Intoxication Season' which includes talks on mind-altering plants

Anti-drugs campaigners last night condemned an exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew where speakers will discuss the uses of marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The Intoxication Season is open to visitors of any age and displays plants including cannabis, the hallucinogen peyote, and poppies, which are used to make opium.

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Mail On Sunday (30th August, 2014)

Schools warned of solar panel fire risk: Fears over free green scheme after three mystery blazes

British Gas has launched an investigation into solar panels at dozens of schools and businesses after a series of mystery fires.

Some 92 schools that signed up for free panels have been told their equipment will need improvements before it is considered safe to use. It comes after solar panel fires in three schools were confirmed by British Gas following a tip-off to The Mail on Sunday.

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